Voice, Vision, Adventure

As 2020 arrived, the new beginning challenged me to meditate on what the purpose of my website is. Marketing seems so commercial. I care most about connecting with people and sharing connections to music with them. Why have a website? Why bother with social media at all? Is it a necessary evil? My intention is that this be a real glimpse into my life and all of the different aspects of this unconventional, demanding, and intensely rewarding work. Let's turn this upside down!

My concert one week ago gifted me with my answer for the website: Voice, Vision, Adventure. The more I spoke with people before, during, and after the concert, the clearer that became. I find this exciting.

Voice is a unique perspective. It is my Voice as a person, as a human. That is what I want to incorporate in my writings on this website. I want what I write to serve a higher purpose by showing who and what I am. What do I want to bring to the conversation as a performer, woman, and human being? Why do I believe the arts, especially music, are so relevant and vital to life? What connects me to the music? What connections to I make to concepts outside of music? What of value do I hope to accomplish in my career?

Vision - I view the world as a positive gift. A Vision is a clear picture of what I hope to achieve through this website and Instagram, through my career, and through the arts. I am an idealist; I readily admit that. No matter what part of my life, I choose to be 100% all in and believe the best will happen. I believe music is a universal language that has the power to change the world. I am not ashamed of that. Music certainly has changed my life. I want to explore that Vision more.

Life is an amazingly beautiful Adventure. All of those ideas that I want to explore and make happen ARE my adventure. Those are new things, vulnerable things, filled with exciting possibilities. Who knows what tomorrow will bring? I start a new day, a new piece, and it's like opening up a new world. I am a daring explorer charting new paths. I revisit an older pieces, and new options spring out at me new like wildflowers. There is freshness and spontaneity. There is never a dull day. I delve into unchartered territory, and each performance brings a new story to tell and new people to tell it with. Anything can happen! Music brings such joy! I am infinitely blessed to be part of the greatest adventure possible, where things are always changing and new and persistently lived on the edge!

I hope that you'll stick with me through this journey. I hope that what finds its way to the pages here is informational and helpful to you. But most of all, may you find this journey interesting!

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