Technique Levels

The 3 levels of piano technique:

1) You understand technique and how it works.

2) You understand the technique and can make the same principle apply in many other musical scenarios.

3) You understand the technique and how you can use those same principles in work, relationships, and life.

Being a musician is the pursuit of personal perfection, realizing in advance that it is an impossible task, but choosing to make the journey anyway. There are very few who can practice fast and hard for long periods of time and continue that their entire life. Your body needs more time to recover as it ages, and it cannot take the beating that many young people give their hands while practicing.

Keeping It Playful is a mindset that changes "why" you practice. If you play because you love music, you will probably keep playing forever. Your focus may change: you may decide you do not want to be a professional musician, but you will not get burnt out or quit. Playful practice gives you permission to discover what you want out of music. It gives you permission to digest music at the speed that works for you and practice smart at the pace you work best.

This is where the 3 levels of piano technique come in to play. Most musicians stop at Level 1. They are set on learning what technique works in a particular passage. This approach to learning sees each individual tree, but it fails to see the entire forest! In order to Keep It Playful, one has fun applying knowledge to many other pieces of music and areas of life. Choose to make yourself aware of the inter-connectedness of life. The posture of one technique translates to every piece of well as the way you sit and walk in daily life!

So what have you enjoyed discovering in your practice can be used while walking down the hallway?

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