June 10, 2014 - Concert at the University of Queensland

Concert Advertisement: Richard Emberley (trumpet) and his sister Dr. Stephanie A. Emberley (piano) will be presenting a musical program including music from the Baroque era through the 21st century. Richard is a PhD student in fire safety engineering at the University of Queensland who performed in ensembles at Worcester Polytechnic Institute that traveled to Ireland, PrThe concert date is official!!

The concert date is official!!

I am so excited to get some of the details set. We are working through the details of pianos, concert order, program notes, etc. My initial private run through of the music went well, and I am pleased with how it has all come together so far. This first year of teaching has been so insanely busy that I wondered how on earth this was all going to happen.

Would my teaching continue to be successful? Did I have any time in my schedule to practice my concert music?

Hard to believe that I fly out in less than 10 days!!

My brother and I have been planning our outdoor, active adventures. Now, I cannot tell you the specifics...you will just have to keep reading the blog. It is going to be EPIC! So many experiences, seeing animals, meeting new people, taking pictures and video, performing my music. What a great summer to look forward to. I get to do "leisurely" again! YES! :D

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